avril 2007

Aujourd’hui je commence mon blog. Je ne suis pas tres sure d’avoir le temps de m’en occuper, ou du moins qu’il soit interressant a lire. Plusieurs personnes m’ont demande d’en commencer un. Ces personnes sont dans le monde du crazy quilting. Comme je ne fais pas que du crazy quilt mais aussi d’autres choses en broderie, je parlerai des differentes techniques que j’utilise. Je suis francaise et j’utilise un clavier sans accent, donc ma grammaire anglaise ne sera pas terrible et ma typographie francaise laissera a desirer.


Today I start my blog. I’m still not sure that I have time to keep a blog alive, or at least interesting for the others. I was asked by many people to start one, so I try. The people who asked me make it are in the world of Crazy quilting. As I’m not only doing crazy quilt but other embroidery work as well, I’ll talk about the different techniques I’m using. I’m French and would like to write in French as well as English. Hopefully my French will be better than my English. On the other hand, the keyboard I’m using doesn’t have the french accents, so that’s not a blog to learn how to write good French.